1″ x 39″ Heavy Duty Ratchet Tie Down Cargo Straps Retractable


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1″ x 39″ Heavy Duty Ratchet Tie Down Cargo Straps Retractable
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Looking for the perfect ratchet straps that’ll keep your expensive equipment safe and sound? Created with heavy duty hardwearing webbing, these tie down straps are perfect to fully wrap around your accessories and keep them in place regardless of the motion.

Best Tie Down Ratchet Straps

The stylish zinc alloy and nylon coating on the ratchet tie down straps makes it perfectly match with the color of your car and give off a luxurious feel. Plus, the overall length of the cargo straps exceeds 1 meter, which is roughly 39 inches; more than enough to wrap even the widest material in place.

Best part of all, the truck straps are extremely easy to use and work with. It’s as simple as unhooking the retractable ratchet straps, wrapping it around the equipment, and hooking it back in place for safe transportation.

Heavy Duty Ratchet Ropes


DURABLE – Simply put, this ratchet ropes were built to last. Unlike traditional heavy duty ratchet straps, this ratchet strap features a rough and even surface which helps add extra tension to the equipment and prevent any slips. Plus, the nylon coating ensures the tie down strap doesn’t get damaged or loosen up once tightened.

STYLISH – Who said transporting your heavy equipment meant using ugly straps which ruin the look of your car? These cargo truck straps come in different colors and can easily give you a luxurious look while on the road.

HEAVY DUTY – Our retractable ratchet straps can hold up to 330 lbs in place comfortably without breaking. Perfect to carry your most important essentials.


4x Heavy Duty Ratchet Ropes


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