Long Range Waterproof Walkie Talkie Radio 400-470MHz


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Long Range Waterproof Walkie Talkie Radio 400-470MHz
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Our Long Range Waterproof Walkie Talkie Radios are some of the newest walkie talkies built for functionality and convenience. The radio walkie talkie is designed for both business and outdoor use; hunting, retail, F&B, hospitality, outdoor sports, event management, warehouses and more!

Long Range Waterproof Walkie Talkie Radio

This long range walkie talkie has a range up to 3 miles and can actually provide service through 10 building floors.

In addition, the two way radio has special anti-interference technology to ensure there’s no gap in communication and the sound is transmitted with high quality.

Best part of all, the long range walkie talkie is extremely long lasting and has a working time span of up to 72 hours after one single charge. The low weight makes the long range two way radio extremely portable and easy to carry.

Waterproof Walkie Talkie Radio(Voted as the best walkie talkie for long distance)

In fact, the waterproof walkie talkie fits perfectly into the palm of your hands and can be stored in small storage compartments.


BUILT TO LAST – The 2 way radio can cover up to 3 miles while providing crystal clear sound and can penetrate through 10 floors. Extremely powerful with 6000mAH battery with 8W of power.

PORTABLE – From all sides, our radio walkie talkie is extremely slim and lightweight. Store it away in your pockets or keep it with you at all times comfortably.

PROMOTES SAFETY – Our waterproof walkie talkie comes with built in LED/Glare flashlights and 16 different preset channels. Perfect for outdoor use in the wilderness.


Power: 8W
Frequency: 400-470MHz
Battery: 6000mAh
Channel: 16
Size: 110 * 50 * 20mm
Working voltage: 7.4V
Weight: 195g
Standby time: 3-7 days
Normal working hours: 72 hours
Body weight: 168g
Imported high gain antenna
Light and thin design
HD sound quality, anti-interference
Automatic power saving, low battery reminder


2x X-30/X-65 walkie talkie
2x Battery
2x Antenna
2x Charger
2x Back clip
2x Lanyard
2x Headphones


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